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Right at Home® of Central Ohio Partners with TSOLife

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Right at Home® of Central Ohio and TSOLife partner to emphasize the importance of life stories in personalized home care.

COLUMBUS, OH (July 29, 2019) - Right at Home® of Central Ohio, a leading in-home care company, today announced is partnering with TSOLife, INC (TSOLife), the legacy preservation company dedicated to preserving the life stories of residents in senior living.

Partnering with TSOLife to discover and preserve individual life stories enhances Right at Home of Central Ohio’s commitment to provide the highest level of care and improve the quality of life of those they serve. Legacy preservation tools are proven to help lower depression and social isolation with their focus on emotional and mental wellbeing. With TSOLife, Right at Home® of Central Ohio will be emphasizing the importance of meaningful one-on-one conversations between the in-home caregiver and the client. Caregivers get to know their clients on a deeper level and are able to provide more personalized and effective care.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunity of recording Right at Home® of Central Ohio’s clients’ life stories as well as helping influence the personalized care they receive. We firmly believe that every life deserves to be remembered and TSOLife’s Legacy Preservation Tool and and Right at Home’s partnership will leave a precious keepsake for the families,” says David Sawyer, CEO and Founder of TSOLife.

“TSOlife has provided a wonderful and easy way to record and preserve personal histories. Understanding and providing care tailored to a client’s personhood results in a significant improvement in their quality of life. We are excited about partnering with TSOlife and further innovating with the technology they offer,” states JP Valiulis, President of Right at Home® of Central Ohio.

To learn more about Right at Home® of Central Ohio, please visit https://www.rahcolumbus.com.

About TSOLife
TSOLife partners with senior living communities across the nation to provide a tech-enabled legacy preservation solution to easily preserve the life stories of their residents. Having preserved over 5,000 lives and 60,000 stories to date with a 70%resident adoption rate, TSOLife has become the trusted legacy preservation provider for communities across the nation. Visit our website for more information.

About Right at Home®
Founded in 2001, Right at Home® of Central Ohio offers in-home companionship and personal care to seniors and adults with a disability who want to continue to live independently. Right at Home® of Central Ohio also provides services for those recovering from accidents and falls, those suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson's and any adult who needs assistance to live independently, safely and fully. For more information visit www.rahcolumbus.com. Local Right at Home® offices are independently owned and operated and directly employ and supervise all caregiving staff, each of whom is thoroughly screened, trained, and bonded/insured prior to entering a client's home. Right at Home®'s global office is based in Omaha, Nebraska, with more than 500 franchise locations in the U.S. and globally. For more information on Right at Home®, visit About Right at Home at http://www.rightathome.net 




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TSOLife Welcomes Brandon Stephens as New VP of Sales


TSOLife is pleased to announce that Brandon Stephens, former Regional Director of Operations at Meridian Senior Living, joined our team as the new Vice President of Sales. Brandon will be responsible for sales team leadership and driving revenue while being a valuable contributor in the areas of marketing and business strategy.

“It’s exciting to have an industry veteran like Brandon join the team. Brandon comes with a wealth of industry knowledge and adds great insight into our customer experience and how we can optimize and refine it moving forward,” says David Sawyer, CEO and Founder of TSOLife. 

Starting in the kitchen, becoming a chef, and working his way up to operations, Brandon brings ten years of senior living experience and expertise in helping communities run effectively and successfully. “I began in the industry because of my grandfather and wanted to be a part of offering services that he wasn’t able to receive. We really owe it to his generation to take good care of them now.” 

Having been on the community side of the industry for so long, it was time to start the next chapter in the industry: showcasing the importance of legacy preservation and the personal stories of residents. 

When we asked Brandon why he joined the TSOLife team, he said, “I’m super excited to join TSOLife because of my personal connection to their mission. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s. That’s a lot of what I remember about him, and he passed away about 20 years ago. Looking back now, I wish that I had TSOLife to have more memories saved than what we have of him. Since he's passed away, my family has found letters he wrote to my grandmother, and just from some of the stories we read, I wish we could have more of his stories preserved for my kids.” 

We're always excited to see our team grow, especially with an industry expert who resonates with our company values. Welcome to the TSOLife team, Brandon! 

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Former REPS CEO, Lance Raab, and Solinity Founder, Joshua Crisp, join TSOLife Board of Directors

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TAMPA, FL (June 13, 2019) - TSOLife, INC (TSOLife), the legacy preservation company , has brought on two new board members since the start of 2019. Dedicated to capturing life stories and personalizing care, Lance Raab and Joshua Crisp join an already distinguished board of directors.

Lance Raab is currently an Investor-Operating Partner at Florida Funders and a Board Member at Tampa Bay Wave. Raab was previously founder and CEO of the notable REPS software program, an early, well-known CRM in the assisted living industry. Lance’s addition brings valuable insight into building a successful software tool for senior living operations. 

“I spent the majority of my career in the Senior Living Industry as a provider of the REPS software solutions before selling my company several years ago. It’s a wonderful industry. When I met David and Stella [TSOLife founders], I was impressed with their innovative solution and how it can make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. More importantly, I was impressed with their passion for the industry. When they asked me to get involved with TSOLife, it was an easy decision.” Lance Raab, Investor-Operating Partner, Florida Funders

The TSOLife Board of Directors also welcomes Joshua Crisp, the president and founder of Solinity, a senior living owner and operator, focusing enterprise in development, management and marketing to offer affordable communities in the senior living space. Mr. Crisp is also the co-founder and co-host of the Bridge the Gap Senior Living Podcast, the most notable podcast in the industry, bringing both industry expertise and professional solutions to the changes the senior living industry is facing. 

“I was attracted to serve on the board of TSOLife because of the mission. It is an honor to work alongside a team of like-minded people who care about the legacy
and story preservation of residents and their stories. I appreciate the intentionality of TSOLife's desire to create a cross-functional, multi-disciplined board with senior living experts and technology experts combined which showed their long-term view of positioning the company as a technology leader in the space. I look forward to seeing the exciting growth and traction in the industry and anticipate years of success as a technology partner." Josh Crisp, Founder & CEO, Solinity

“We really appreciate the diverse experiences from the new board members, Lance being from the software solutions side and Josh bringing the owner/operator perspective. It's with these combined backgrounds from our new board members that they'll assist TSOLife with finding it's foothold in the senior living industry, while also helping to deliver true value to customers, communities and their residents,” says David Sawyer, founder and CEO of TSOLife.

About TSOLife
TSOLife partners with senior living communities across the nation to provide a tech-enabled legacy preservation solution to easily preserve the life stories of their residents. Having preserved over 5,000 lives and 60,000 stories to date with a 70% resident adoption rate, TSOLife has become the trusted legacy preservation provider for communities across the nation. Visit TSOLife.com for more information or for any questions, contact Chelsie Rosatone.