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This is a testimonial provided by a TSOLife customer.

The holidays are a time to do something special for your loved ones, to celebrate their lives, and make them feel loved. When considering the perfect gift for our family patriarch, my 90-year-old father-in-law, Donald, my husband Jeffrey and I went looking for a way to document his life story and chose TSOLife. What initially was meant to be a unique gift turned out to be something much more meaningful and truly strengthened the bonds between my family.

Searching for a meaningful gift.

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging. But with so many reasons to celebrate this year – the holidays, Donald’s milestone birthday, and the first family reunion in several years - I knew I wanted to do something special for the whole family. However, I didn’t want to purchase my father-in-law another item of clothing, and his age made it challenging for us to take vacations.

Further, like many families, ours is spread out all over the country, and even gathering my immediate family with our own grown daughters is tough – let alone bringing our entire generational family together. What could I do for our family that would make everyone feel connected?

With my own parents’ passing over 15 years ago, I knew first-hand how special and cherished our time spent with our elders are. How can I capture my father-in-law’s life stories and preserve this memory of him? I desired a way to commemorate the wonderful life of my loving father-in-law and make him feel valued, respected, and loved.

How TSOLife Helped.

When I heard about the TSOLife Legacy Documentary, my immediate thought was how I wish I had a video like this of my own mom and dad. I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity, so that my own children would have no regrets, and that their children would be able to watch the video and say, “This is my great-grandpa.”

My husband’s siblings and we got together and arranged for the TSOLife team to make a documentary of dad seamlessly sharing life stories – a truly unique and meaningful Christmas present. The process was simple, we just chose the date, and the TSOLife team traveled to Donald to interview and film him. They asked questions that I would not have thought to think of, and their quality film equipment and expertise was something that I could not replicate on my iPhone.

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Strengthening the family bonds.

The TSOLife documentary was the perfect gift for my father-in-law, and is something that the whole family will cherish for years to come. We played the documentary at our family reunion, and for those who couldn’t travel to the festivities, we could share the digital link with them through Facebook and email.

Donald felt appreciated and celebrated, and we all heard stories that we had never heard before. We enjoyed hearing about his childhood, school stories, stories about his wedding, honeymoon and poignant memories about career, raising a family - impactful lessons that we would never have known and now have documented for the future. The film is absolutely beautiful, and the quality will stand the test of time. It opened up certain conversations that we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and I enjoyed my own daughters being able to ask their grandfather more stories about his childhood.

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Celebrate and honor your loved one.

Family history is a priceless gem that’s too often lost before it’s ever recorded. We should celebrate and cherish the relationships with our loved ones while we can.

This documentary turned out to be something way more than I expected, and goes far beyond then just a gift for my dad. Showing my love and appreciation for my loved ones is something that I greatly value, and I feel like this documentary had allowed me to do that for my family. This documentary gave us peace of mind knowing that Donald’s legacy is preserved, strengthened the bonds between our family, and celebrated our loved one. We will forever cherish this special film.

- Christi D., TSOLife Customer

Click here to watch Donald's full documentary.

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TSOLife focuses preserve legacy and passing down life stories for future generations. Our mission is that no grandchild should have to wonder what their grandparent was like. Our unique solutions create the most personalized way to pass down personal stories that families will share and cherish for generations.

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