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The Inspiration and Founding of TSOLife



TSOLife was incorporated in September 2014, but the concept was inspired many years before through the love and loss of my grandparents.

My grandfather was a remarkable man. He had the opportunity to become an Olympic athlete, was the recipient of the Civic Recognition Award, and was inducted into his high school’s Hall of Fame. His life is not only worth celebrating, but worth remembering. However, the chances of my grandchildren hearing these stories are slim. Verbal history dies after only two generations, and there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to his life and no published biography documenting his many achievements. There is only what we try to remember.

My grandmother passed away in 2014 around Thanksgiving. At her funeral, so many stories surfaced that I had never heard before. She had been one of the most important people in my life, and I found myself sitting there feeling like I never even knew who she really was. I struggled with the realization that there was so much I never got to know about her, and even more that I will soon forget. At some future time, all that my grandkids would be able to find about her would be her funeral service page where they could learn basic information. Her fingerprint on the world will never be deeper than her name, birth date and occupation. What was her personality like? What were her values? Even now, as I researched, all I could find about my grandmother was her birth certificate and death certificate, both full of information I already knew and lacking in emotional connection. I wanted to know how she met my grandfather and what high school was like for her. These discoveries, or lack thereof, truly magnified her loss for me.

Me with my grandmother, Muriel, and my brother, John.


I founded TSOLife so that one day, no one will have to wonder what their grandparents were like and experience the loss that I felt. I have dedicated my life to solving this problem that haunts so many of us. As it currently stands, history is only recorded for the famous or infamous. The rest of us are left to be forgotten. TSOLife was created with the conviction that we are all worth remembering–that life should be celebrated, passed down, and remembered. History isn’t just for the famous or infamous anymore.

I sought to create this web platform that will allow our stories to transcend time, and this vision guides me every day. Each story is worth remembering, each person’s life is remarkable. TSOLife is my greatest accomplishment this far in life, and also my greatest regret because I didn’t make it soon enough for my grandparents. My grandparents’ stories are now in my hands to tell, and I will do what I can knowing that so much has already been lost.

-David Sawyer, CEO & Founder



The Story Of Life (TSOLife) is revolutionizing how we record stories and present our legacy to future generations. We empower you to document your own history through our TSOLife web platform, allowing you to be remembered the way you want to be remembered. On TSOLife's beautifully simple and integrative platform, stories, videos, photos, and memories can be securely preserved. Start writing tomorrow’s history today.

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