Streamlining Your Sales Process with Minerva

We’ve seen how data can be used to connect residents in your communities, but with that same information, sales and marketing teams can secure more move-ins, and more importantly, secure more move-ins of residents who are likely to thrive in their new home. We’ll be taking a look at how resident data can influence sales tactics and strategies as well as helping to locate, entice, and secure more prospects for your sales team. 

Minerva's resident matching: data-backed resident connections

So far, we’ve touched on topics before and during new resident move-ins like modernizing resident profiles and using technology to capture personal data points. Now, how can we apply these data points to have a positive impact on residents and staff? Meaningful impacts like making new residents feel at home the moment they move into your community. There are a lot of different ways to apply gathered information to your communities, but the best way to instantly connect newer residents to existing ones is by using our resident matching feature.

Watch a short video on Minerva's resident matching feature:

Custom Dashboards and Actionable Insights: Personal Resident Experiences without the Guesswork

Keeping in mind data-entry and technology implementation best practices, let’s talk about how a working platform can provide us value. Like we mentioned before, just because technology can consolidate information in one easy place, doesn’t mean staff will access that data or use it effectively. It needs to be implemented into their workflow so that it doesn’t add time and frustration to their already-hectic jobs.

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Revolutionizing Data Entry

Technology in senior living has been on an incline for the past decade. Almost weekly, it seems like a new tech solution is introduced to the industry. While new innovative ideas with hyped-up value seem exciting and very promising, operators need to take a hard look at their practicality and whether or not these systems will be operationally viable at the community-level.

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Revamping the Resident Profile

Resident profiles can be a powerful tool to get to know your residents and provide better unique experiences and touchpoints for them, but the reality is, initial profiling upon move in is often inadequate . This is because resident profiles remain as handwritten forms that are susceptible to messy handwriting, outdated information, or worse, just not containing the info you need altogether.
Resident profiles are the starting point for offering living experiences on the individualized level, but filling them out and using them seems like they’re treated as more of a joke than as a way to get to know residents. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at why resident profiles got started in the first place, how they’ve evolved, and how we can make them useful again. We’re also giving out a free downloadable checklist so you can start building the perfect resident profiles.
Looking for the perfect resident profile interview?