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TSOLife Welcomes Brandon Stephens as New VP of Sales


TSOLife is pleased to announce that Brandon Stephens, former Regional Director of Operations at Meridian Senior Living, joined our team as the new Vice President of Sales. Brandon will be responsible for sales team leadership and driving revenue while being a valuable contributor in the areas of marketing and business strategy.

“It’s exciting to have an industry veteran like Brandon join the team. Brandon comes with a wealth of industry knowledge and adds great insight into our customer experience and how we can optimize and refine it moving forward,” says David Sawyer, CEO and Founder of TSOLife. 

Starting in the kitchen, becoming a chef, and working his way up to operations, Brandon brings ten years of senior living experience and expertise in helping communities run effectively and successfully. “I began in the industry because of my grandfather and wanted to be a part of offering services that he wasn’t able to receive. We really owe it to his generation to take good care of them now.” 

Having been on the community side of the industry for so long, it was time to start the next chapter in the industry: showcasing the importance of legacy preservation and the personal stories of residents. 

When we asked Brandon why he joined the TSOLife team, he said, “I’m super excited to join TSOLife because of my personal connection to their mission. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s. That’s a lot of what I remember about him, and he passed away about 20 years ago. Looking back now, I wish that I had TSOLife to have more memories saved than what we have of him. Since he's passed away, my family has found letters he wrote to my grandmother, and just from some of the stories we read, I wish we could have more of his stories preserved for my kids.” 

We're always excited to see our team grow, especially with an industry expert who resonates with our company values. Welcome to the TSOLife team, Brandon! 

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