TSOLife Welcomes Kim Bishop!

Kim and Justine

Kim Bishop has joined the TSOLife team to act as the all-encompassing Administrative Manager. As a startup, we all wear many hats, but it’s safe to say that Kim’s hat collection is the most versatile, from IT support to our on-location resident interviewer.

Kim grew up bouncing around a handful of different cities in California. She then lived in D.C. for nine years before calling St. Petersburg home.

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, she says, “Being able to listen to the stories of our clients and polishing them into the best possible presentable format. I love video and audio editing, and the stories we get are the most beautiful subjects I could ask for.”

Her out of work hours are filled with passion products: she produces a podcast, creates cosplay costumes, 3D prints, is an avid video gamer, and spends time with her fiancé and five pets (that’s two cats, two dogs, and a tortoise).

Cherished memories and stories are very dear to the hearts of the TSOLife team members. Here is Kim’s favorite story from childhood:

When I was about four or five, my best friend was my first dog, Lady, a German Shepherd. I decided I would decorate the inside of her dog house with flowers and Scotch tape. I was heartbroken when she didn’t seem to care or notice, and my mom had to explain to me that she was, indeed, a dog with no interest in such things.

Kim, we take notice of all your hard work and are grateful to have you on the team!


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TSOLife (The Story Of Life) focuses on preserving legacy and passing down life stories for future generations. We help senior living communities leverage technology to capture, preserve, and share the life stories of the residents in their care.

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