How Do I Make My Life Story Stand Out?

You spent hours. Many of these hours were spent wadding up papers or exercising the backspace on your keyboard. Despite these setbacks, the duration of these hours have led you to where you are now. You sit there staring at your creation. Your life story lies before you, in whichever form it may take. You exhale, and in the process, relax the furrowed lines of your forehead developed while deciding what events and memories were worthy of inclusion in this narrative. You inhale, empowered and exhilarated because of what you have just accomplished. It is not finished, of course. What life story ever is? But, you have found that stopping point where you can stop writing and move on to the next step, which is what exactly?

How to Write a Good Life Story

Writing your personal narrative can be an extremely rewarding experience. To read further about why your life story matters, read How Do I Make My Life Story Stand Out. Unfortunately, documenting these anecdotes can seem labor intensive and overwhelming. However, sitting down and writing your life story does not have to be a scary experience. Here are a few tips that make the process exciting and stress-free:

Why Does My Story Matter?

When considering whether or not to tell or write your life story, you may wonder why you should put in the effort. Documenting an entire life story can be a lot of work. It is a daunting task. You may wonder, “What is the point in all of this?” or “Why does my story matter?” For some people, the answers to these questions come easily. The reasons to tell their life story are personal and ingrained in who they are. For others, the answers might not be quite so obvious. Recording your life story seems like a lot of work, and you may worry that no one will appreciate the time and effort. Chances are that you may fall somewhere between the two extremes. You may feel that you should write about your life, but are not sure why you feel that way.

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