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Everyone Has a Story to Tell: A Case Study

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A legacy preserved forever.

Michael Fronk touched the lives of everyone he encountered with his sense of humor and upbeat spirit. Although he is well known and beloved in his community, he didn’t want to miss any opportunities to grow closer to his family. His family and friends arranged for TSOLife to interview and film Michael sharing precious life stories. The Fronk family is located all over the country, but Michael’s personal and customized documentary has brought them all closer. His memories are now preserved in a unique short film. The documentary will contribute to the personalized funeral service that Michael desires.

We believe that everyone’s story is worth telling and too often these stories are lost before they are ever recorded.

The challenge.

Michael Fronk’s family and friends felt the sense of urgency to capture his legacy before it was too late. Like many families, the Fronks didn’t have the time or resources to personally interview, film, and transcribe his stories. They wanted to find a way for Michael’s grandchildren and great grandchildren to know the kind and charismatic man that he was.

Documenting Michael's stories.

The Fronk family wanted to preserve Michael’s legacy before it was too late. The solution was a TSOLife customized and professional documentary.

Michael was touched when his family approached him with the project. In 2 hours and in the comfort of his own home, the TSOLife team was able to interview and film Michael as he recounted childhood adventures and passed down life lessons and wisdom.

With professional editing that included cuts, photos, and high quality cameras, the Fronk family had a truly unique and customized keepsake. In addition to DVDs, the film, raw footage, and transcriptions were all safely archived on the TSOLife online platform so that family and friends could share and access whenever, forever.

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A unique & personalized documentary.

The TSOLife team visited Michael three months after delivering his documentary to check in. We had developed a special friendship and were thrilled to find out that he was feeling much better.  He beamed as he expressed his gratitude to us for helping him pass down and preserve his stories for his descendants.

Michael talked continuously about the many calls he received from long lost friends and even grandchildren who saw his video online and wanted to reconnect. As it turns out, Michael’s documentary had over 500 views on Facebook, was shared 20 times, and reached over 6,300 people! He was very flattered and pleasantly surprised by its success.

This documentary helped bridge the generational gap and strengthen the bonds amongst Michael’s family. Michael’s loved ones have peace of mind knowing that their beloved elder’s stories are forever preserved.

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What he likes about it so much is that “you can talk about a person all day long but to hear their voices, their stories, what their dreams were, how their fathers met their mothers… That’s immeasurable.”

The Fronk family has a unique and special piece of Michael that they can show at his memorial that goes beyond just a photo slideshow or scrapbook. Michael is comforted by the fact that he is controlling the message at his funeral, passing on advice and leaving his loved ones with an uplifting note. The documentary is not just a photograph but is a living memory.

“My documentary is something that my family will have to remember me by. They have something almost tangible, certainly visual, that serves as a reminder of my love for them.”

-Michael Fronk

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TSOLife focuses on creating innovative ways to preserve legacy and pass down life stories for future generations. Our mission is that no grandchild should have to wonder what their grandparent was like. Our unique solutions create the most personalized way to pass down personal stories that families will share and cherish for generations.

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TSOLife: the Story You Never Knew

cover-photoAs TSOLife’s founder, I constantly get asked where the inspiration for the company came from. It is a question I have answered practically on a daily basis since September 2014 when the company was founded. We have produced videos, blogs, and marketing material that explain where this dream came from. However, one thing I rarely get asked is, “Ok, after you had the idea, then what?”.

That is a question that would cause any entrepreneur to pause. We get so caught up in the vision, working around the clock, that we forget to look back and appreciate all the small building blocks that had to come into place, making the company what is today. All the triumphs and failures, learning and unlearning, construct the stories behind TSO.

Truth be told, the company was built one Google search at a time. I began with simply an idea, no capital, no ability to build the product, no network of potential customers, and no clue or concept of how to market or make sales. I even had to search how to come up with a good company name.

We’ve come a long way since 2014, and are excited for what the future holds for TSOLife. In these years, we’ve been able to help our users preserve their legacies and share their life stories, enabling future generations to be able to hear their stories from the first perspective.

TSO has decided to share its journey through its own TSOLife account, revealing the stories from its commencement to the present. Every other week, we will be releasing a new behind the scenes story about the company, creating a timeline of our journey. Next time someone asks how the dream turned into a tangible business, we can refer them to our TSOLife account. Further, this entertaining series will serve as inspiration for other entrepreneurs and show our audience that they can do the same for their business, whether it be a fourth generation family business or a young start-up. To get these updates, follow us on Facebook!



The Story Of Life (TSOLife) is revolutionizing how we record stories and present our legacy to future generations. We empower you to document your own history through our TSOLife web platform, allowing you to be remembered the way you want to be remembered. On TSOLife’s beautifully simple and integrative platform, stories, videos, photos, and memories can be securely preserved. Start writing tomorrow’s history today.

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Company, Family History, Genealogy, Documenting Your Story

The Inspiration and Founding of TSOLife



TSOLife was incorporated in September 2014, but the concept was inspired many years before through the love and loss of my grandparents.

My grandfather was a remarkable man. He had the opportunity to become an Olympic athlete, was the recipient of the Civic Recognition Award, and was inducted into his high school’s Hall of Fame. His life is not only worth celebrating, but worth remembering. However, the chances of my grandchildren hearing these stories are slim. Verbal history dies after only two generations, and there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to his life and no published biography documenting his many achievements. There is only what we try to remember.

My grandmother passed away in 2014 around Thanksgiving. At her funeral, so many stories surfaced that I had never heard before. She had been one of the most important people in my life, and I found myself sitting there feeling like I never even knew who she really was. I struggled with the realization that there was so much I never got to know about her, and even more that I will soon forget. At some future time, all that my grandkids would be able to find about her would be her funeral service page where they could learn basic information. Her fingerprint on the world will never be deeper than her name, birth date and occupation. What was her personality like? What were her values? Even now, as I researched, all I could find about my grandmother was her birth certificate and death certificate, both full of information I already knew and lacking in emotional connection. I wanted to know how she met my grandfather and what high school was like for her. These discoveries, or lack thereof, truly magnified her loss for me.

Me with my grandmother, Muriel, and my brother, John.


I founded TSOLife so that one day, no one will have to wonder what their grandparents were like and experience the loss that I felt. I have dedicated my life to solving this problem that haunts so many of us. As it currently stands, history is only recorded for the famous or infamous. The rest of us are left to be forgotten. TSOLife was created with the conviction that we are all worth remembering–that life should be celebrated, passed down, and remembered. History isn’t just for the famous or infamous anymore.

I sought to create this web platform that will allow our stories to transcend time, and this vision guides me every day. Each story is worth remembering, each person’s life is remarkable. TSOLife is my greatest accomplishment this far in life, and also my greatest regret because I didn’t make it soon enough for my grandparents. My grandparents’ stories are now in my hands to tell, and I will do what I can knowing that so much has already been lost.

-David Sawyer, CEO & Founder



The Story Of Life (TSOLife) is revolutionizing how we record stories and present our legacy to future generations. We empower you to document your own history through our TSOLife web platform, allowing you to be remembered the way you want to be remembered. On TSOLife's beautifully simple and integrative platform, stories, videos, photos, and memories can be securely preserved. Start writing tomorrow’s history today.

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