How Personalized Care Impacts Accurate Care

Personal care in assisted living

The term ‘personalized care’ can often seem like an industry buzzword, but what does it actually look like? At TSOLife, we believe that it goes beyond the outdated resident profile system to encompass multiple facets of each of the resident’s lives. In this post, we’ll look at how personalized care impacts accurate care and how attentiveness to individual needs can affect multiple areas of your community.

Engaging Activities
Since no two residents are the same, you can expect that they’ll have different needs and wants, including what activities they’ll want to participate in. The less personalized your program is, the more general it becomes, which means you may be offering services or activities that your residents don’t particularly care for. About one in five residents in senior living communities have reported feeling depressed or lonely, but by understanding them on a deeper level, you can help set up activities that they’ll enjoy going to. Residents that are able to build genuine relationships through engaging activities are less likely to experience social isolation and loneliness.

Personalization and Proactive Care
Aside from activities, knowing your residents on an individual basis can help you adjust care as their needs change. From physical health needs to personal preferences, understanding a little more about your members will make it easier to offer them the care that they’re looking for. Communities that offer individual care for residents as they come in and as their needs change in the future are more likely to see higher occupant satisfaction. Happier members lead to longer occupancy rates and higher referrals. When residents enjoy the community they live in they will be more likely to recommend it to friends and family. 

Individual Care and Easier Accuracy
Knowing your community members and their life experiences can lessen the workload of caregivers. While getting to know each senior on an individual basis might take a bit more time up front, building a library of resident profiles can make accurate care easier to provide in the future. Our program at TSOLife offers online resident profiles, with searchable information to ensure you have the information you need on each member. With access to both individual profiles and life stories, activity directors can set up activities and events more fluidly, while also keeping each resident in mind.

Personalization, Staff Retention, and More Accurate Care
We’ve gone through how higher staff retention rates benefit all aspects of any senior living community, but keeping your staff around long term can help them care for their members more effectively. By giving staff the tools to build better connections with their seniors, they’re more likely to stay with your community. In turn, staff who have long-standing relationships with residents are better equipped to give accurate care.

From engaging activities to long-term relationships, specific attention to each community member can have a positive impact on how accurate their care is. TSOLife's Legacy Preservation Program is the cornerstone for personalized care and can help your community assess the needs and wants of your residents. 


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