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TSOLife: the Story You Never Knew

cover-photoAs TSOLife’s founder, I constantly get asked where the inspiration for the company came from. It is a question I have answered practically on a daily basis since September 2014 when the company was founded. We have produced videos, blogs, and marketing material that explain where this dream came from. However, one thing I rarely get asked is, “Ok, after you had the idea, then what?”.

That is a question that would cause any entrepreneur to pause. We get so caught up in the vision, working around the clock, that we forget to look back and appreciate all the small building blocks that had to come into place, making the company what is today. All the triumphs and failures, learning and unlearning, construct the stories behind TSO.

Truth be told, the company was built one Google search at a time. I began with simply an idea, no capital, no ability to build the product, no network of potential customers, and no clue or concept of how to market or make sales. I even had to search how to come up with a good company name.

We’ve come a long way since 2014, and are excited for what the future holds for TSOLife. In these years, we’ve been able to help our users preserve their legacies and share their life stories, enabling future generations to be able to hear their stories from the first perspective.

TSO has decided to share its journey through its own TSOLife account, revealing the stories from its commencement to the present. Every other week, we will be releasing a new behind the scenes story about the company, creating a timeline of our journey. Next time someone asks how the dream turned into a tangible business, we can refer them to our TSOLife account. Further, this entertaining series will serve as inspiration for other entrepreneurs and show our audience that they can do the same for their business, whether it be a fourth generation family business or a young start-up. To get these updates, follow us on Facebook!



The Story Of Life (TSOLife) is revolutionizing how we record stories and present our legacy to future generations. We empower you to document your own history through our TSOLife web platform, allowing you to be remembered the way you want to be remembered. On TSOLife’s beautifully simple and integrative platform, stories, videos, photos, and memories can be securely preserved. Start writing tomorrow’s history today.

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