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2016 in Retrospect


Brexit. Trump. The Olympics. These are the topics that dominated our conversations and social medias in 2016. Some of these stories have come to a close, while many are just beginning. Whether positive or negative, these events will shape our future generations.

2016 was a year against all odds, making the seemingly impossible happen. To put it into perspective, lets take a look at the probability of a few headlining events last year:

Leicester City winning the English Premier League: 5000 to 1

Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election: 25 to 1 when first announced

The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series: 30 to 1 at opening pre season

Brexit odds of leaving: 9 to 2 at peak

Last year the unimaginable occurred, and for many, that meant that 2016 was a year of new beginnings. In CNN's article, "Dear World, I wasn't all that bad. Signed, 2016," the significant strides the world has made in 2016 are monumental and noteworthy. The high school graduation rate is at its highest at 82.3%, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest in ten years. Your story of getting a new job after the historical economic recession is one of triumph and a story that not only your family members would love to hear but many in similar situations would be interested in listening to.

Our children will want to hear our perspective on the 2016 election. Future generations will wonder about where we were when we heard about the Orlando shootings. Our grandchildren will ask again and again to hear the story of when we were all gathered around the television, watching the final run that broke the curse as the Cubs won the World Series. Headlines that announced Fidel Castro's death are far more than newspaper stories to the Cuban immigrants who fled to the States in recent years. It is events like these that will dominate conversations at the family dinner table when we are visiting our grandchildren over the holidays.


It's the little moments in life that they'll be curious about. Remember the summer trip to Europe you took with the family? How will you tell the story of the first time you saw the icons of Italy you've only read about or the breathtaking landscapes that dominated your travel books? Did you fall in love? Did you stand by your childhood best friend as she married her college sweetheart? Did you become an aunt or an uncle? Where were you when you heard the news that your oldest child was pregnant, making you a grandparent for the first time? What was it like when you watched your youngest walk across the graduation stage?

There is no denying that 2016 was a monumental year. But wasn't 2015? And 2000? And 1950? Finding out that your grandparents were influential leaders in JFK's presidential campaign in 1960 is story that will inspire you and help you better understand who your loved ones were in their youth. What was their stance on the Vietnam War?

In a few decades, 2016 will be looked back at with the same interest as the JFK presidency and the Vietnam War. There is a parallel to the events of 2016 and the historical events that occurred over 50 years ago. They are not only the events that dominate news headings but are also instrumental in our everyday lives, shaping us to be political activists or causing a close family member's life to drastically change. It is important to preserve these stories now while they're fresh in our minds, writing tomorrow's history today, because one day, future generations will ask what it was like to live in a year against all odds.

“It is important to preserve these stories now while they're fresh in our minds, writing tomorrow's history today, because one day, future generations will ask what it was like to live in a year against all odds.”

As the first month of 2017 comes to an end, we can only be optimistic about the future. Many will look back on 2016 negatively, but it is important to note the positive. Both the small moments and the historic events mold us individually and will shape our future generations.



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